So this post is a bit football related. I picked Charlie up from nursery the other day to find him in a pair of girls white polka dot Manchester United shorts. Given that Kyle is an avid season ticket holder for City I figured he wouldn’t be too happy. We’ve been potty training Charlie and he’s done really well and kind of nailed it within the space of a few weeks…….or so we thought. We seem to have taken 3 steps back this week. I’ve only been packing one spare change of clothes for nursery which after two accidents the other day has resulted in the polka dot shorts.

Anyway I then had to walk back to my mum’s with him which is a 20 minute walk (I usually pick him up in the car) in said shorts. We got some funny looks to say the least. I was meeting Kyle at the shops to buy Charlie some new trainers so having got to my mum’s I put him in the car ready to meet Kyle who was bringing a spare set of clothes.

He fell asleep on the way there so I transferred him to his buggy when I got out of the car and thought we could change him when he woke up.

Halfway through talking to the assistant in Sports Direct and Charlie wakes up and starts singing “it’s coming home, it’s coming home, football’s coming home”.

Given that the whole country is mourning the fact that England dramatically got knocked out of the world cup in the semi-finals last week and he was dressed appropriately in his Manchester United polka dot shorts, Kyle’s and the shop assistants face were a picture.

So here is some photographic evidence of the incident along with Charlie excitedly watching England the other week. Kyle being a season ticket holder is definitely a bone of contention in our house so I can’t lie and say I didn’t do a secret snigger inside when I realised the shorts were Manchester United!

So to conclude – no Charlie football is most definitely not coming home and neither are those shorts if Kyle has anything to do with it.




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