So this is the second time I’ve written this post tonight hence the justification of the title. My day started at 2am with Charlie waking me up from a dead sleep asking to go for a wee. This was shortly followed by Jorgie screaming for milk at half 5 and I couldn’t get to sleep after that. You can imagine the mood I was in this morning travelling to nursery.

After dropping Charlie at nursery and Jorgie and the dog at my mum’s I then ended up sat in the gym car park for approximately 14 mins whilst I played around with this blog and convinced myself that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for the gym and actually it would probably be quite dangerous running on a treadmill given the lack of sleep I’d had. This resulted in me driving straight back to my mum’s and then feeling guilty for the next half an hour but promising myself I would strictly have no treats today.

A few hours, a hot chocolate and a biscuit later and I went to pick Charlie up from nursery. I was informed that he had only had one toilet accident today and luckily I had packed two sets of clothes so he was in acceptable shorts for pick up. Ten minutes after setting off on the walk home and Charlie needed a wee. I stopped on the grass and tried to show him how to wee standing up by aiming his winky in the right direction. This didn’t work and ended up with me holding it and trying to aim it for him. I am not quite sure how the law of gravity works but no matter which way I aimed it, it ended up the wrong way and so I had to strip him down and change all of his clothes. During this my sunglasses also fell off my head and into the line of fire so my sunglasses ended up soaked in pee.

We continued and ten minutes later he decided he wanted another wee (probably not finished the last one) and the whole process repeated again meaning another pair of pants and shorts. Meanwhile a few minutes later and my niece Macy who we had also picked up from nursery decided that she was highly concerned about Charlie being in the sun and needed to put some suncream on him immediately. This was somewhat confusing for me to comprehend given that the sky was grey and I couldn’t see a single shard of sunlight. It was easier to let her do it then challenge the argument so we waited for her to finish whilst I realised that I had put my sunglasses back on without thinking so now I have wee in my hair and around my eyes. Winning.

After finally getting to my mum’s which I kid you not took an hour and 5 mins as opposed to the 20 mins it should have taken and Charlie then needed another wee but didn’t quite make it to the toilet in time which if you haven’t guessed by now resulted in another pair of bloody pants!

Fast forward to tonight and Jorgie is screaming blue murder whilst Charlie constantly repeats that he “needs a poppadum”.

After giving Jorgie a half hour massage (that baby massage class has really paid off) she actually fell asleep. Parent goals!

I rewarded myself with a hot shower which was interrupted 2 minutes in by Charlie coming in and asking “please may I have a drink and some crayons?”. Whilst thinking in my head “how about no?” Kyle came into the bathroom to put him back in bed but not before using the toilet and flushing the chain so my shower turned freezing cold. So to summarise the day it has been a bit pants and as I type I’ve just realised I can’t find my wee-soaked sunglasses.

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