So, I nipped to Asda last night and whilst I was in the queue for the till a man behind me remarked “that’s an interesting mixture of items you have there”. In my head I was mentally responding “if you had two small humans and a needy dog constantly demanding your attention in equal amounts all day then I guarantee that you would probably require a whole lot more than a bottle of gin, a tin of SMA baby milk, two lottery tickets and a bottle of coke”. But instead I just smiled at him and said “these are actually essentials. I need them”.

It was true. I did need them. The day had started at Charlie’s end of term party at Play Group. I was really proud of myself and feeling pretty smug as I had actually managed to get there early, and I thought I looked half decent but two hours of the Hokey Cokey, Music Man and Wig Wam Bam is enough for anyone and I wasn’t feeling so smug when one of the mums said “ermmm you have sick on your shoulder dripping down your dress at the back”. I had been walking round with Jorgie over one shoulder whilst still playing with Charlie and thinking I was a right pro when in actual fact I wasn’t and just proved the fact that I was a mere amateur.

After the party I decided to try and brave food shopping with my mum. I was apprehensive at attempting this, but things took a positive turn when Charlie fell asleep on the way there after listening to “drink my apple juice” song  (actually Agadoo,  but not too sure why he interprets this as the apple juice song??). Anyway, it turns out that my concerns were correct as although Charlie had fallen asleep, Jorgie decided that she would have a turn at replacing him by screaming like a wailing cat attracting several concerned looks from customers and shop assistants alike, unless she was constantly held in mine or my mum’s arms for the entire shopping trip.

Shopping completed and despite Charlie waking up at the check out and shouting “Oi bag lady, hello!” we had managed to get in the car with the addition of the dog who had been at my mum’s, so my dad had dropped her off when I had finished shopping.

In the last two days the potty training had started to go well again so when Charlie said he needed a wee I knew I needed to pull over. Luckily, I had the potty in the boot but then he started to say, “my bum is hurting mummy and I need a poo”. Now I had dealt with pulling over for wee’s before, but a poo was a different ball game. I couldn’t just throw a poo away, but I also couldn’t take it in the car with me either. Imagine the smell. I couldn’t put it in the boot with the shopping and all the fridge items. Where would I put it? To top it all off I had just driven past work and pulled over at a housing estate nearby where I had spotted a patch of grass. What would I say if I bumped into someone from work? “Oh hi, nice to see you I’m just casually walking around with this potty of poo”.

Thankfully the worrying wasn’t necessary this time as it turns out that he just needed a wee, although the dog had misled me into thinking that he had actually had a poo in the car as she had been constantly producing the most horrific smells for the last 5 minutes.

As I got back into the car to the sounds of Jorgie screaming, the smell of the dog’s farts and Charlie requesting Agadoo yet again, I thought how much I had taken it for granted when I used to have the car to myself and how nice it would be now to just be driving alone. I wouldn’t mind the mini cheddars scattered all over the floor, the fruit shoots piled up in the side doors and the toy cars underneath the pedals of my feet.

This in mind I took great delight at leaving the house a few hours later after Kyle had finished work telling him I needed to go to Asda for a few bits. Mental as it may sound I really appreciated that solo car journey and the ten minutes I was able to sit on the drive in the car on Facebook when I got home. I walked back into the house to Charlie asking “Mummy is your favourite thing in the whole world feet?”. “No” I said, “right now it’s quiet car trips”.

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