20180802_094957Imagine going to the swimming baths and not taking a towel!? Yep that’s me. After arriving at the pool feeling as proud as punch because I’ve made it to the gym 3 days in a row, I realised halfway through on lap 16 that I actually didn’t in fact have a towel to dry myself when I got out.

My nice relaxing swim then turned into me thinking of ways in my head that I could dry myself after leaving the pool. I decided on running to the disabled toilet/shower where I could dry myself with the hand dryer. After getting in the toilet, I stripped my costume off and proceeded to stand under the dryer before realising that it was out of order. I need a plan B I thought, and noticed the toilet roll. Now most people probably have never tried this or probably won’t ever have to, but let me tell you that drying every inch of your body with toilet roll paper (and I assure you that I have more body after having Jorgie) is no mean feat.

I started to panic and think what if someone comes along that actually needs to use this toilet? I’m not dry enough to put clothes back on let on alone skin tight leggings. I would have to go out naked. I hurriedly got dressed and left with bits of toilet paper stuck all over my body. I had remembered everything this morning, even a form I had to fill in for Charlie’s nursery but obviously not the most important stuff. The moral of the story – always question if you need a towel before you leave the house. On the positive side at least I did half a mile swimming. Go me!

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