So on Friday Kyle was off work so we decided to have a family day. As the weather was rainy and generally crap we decided to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and thought it would be a bit cultural and educational for Charlie.

However, we then realised we had to walk the dog, pack the car and bags and go to get Jorgie weighed at the clinic so by the time we actually got to Manchester it was nearing 1pm and I began to wonder why we had bothered at all. Kyle and I bickered all the way there because I was feeling hormonal and blaming him for us being so late.

The museum is absolutely brilliant, good fun and educational…….if your child is older than 5 years. Obviously, Jorgie didn’t have a clue where she was and Charlie was just too young tearing about the displays and exhibitions like he was running an egg and spoon race at school. He loved pressing all of the buttons and watching lights lighting up but he had no idea what they meant or were for.

After lasting all of an hour we went to the Air Museum where Charlie proceeded to rip the ‘out of order sign’ off the aviation machine and I then walked in all of the blue tack that was used to stick the sign on the machine and couldn’t understand why my feet kept sticking to the floor all of the way around.

We caved in at 3pm and decided to come home so the £7 all day parking fee we had paid had generally been good value for money for the whole 2 hours we had been there! This put me in another bad mood to which Charlie said “What’s up Mummy? Has Daddy done something again?”.

On Saturday we went to ‘Yanks Day’ at Uppermill. We got the bus there as I thought it would be a nightmare to park and this was an event in itself. Jorgie clearly thought she was on a roller-coaster ride hence the picture attached. Charlie and my niece Macy insisted they had to sit upstairs with my mum and brother as if it was the most exciting thing they had ever encountered.

When we got there it was absolutely rammed. There was a parade of 1940s American cars and lots of people dressed for the era. There was a fun fair and food stalls and had we not got any kids it would probably have been a right good doo but with two kids whinging for ice cream and choc choc, wanting to go on the inflatable slide 27 times and constantly getting on and off the roundabout on the park it was far from relaxing. Then I had to put Charlie on my shoulders because Macy was on her dad’s which completely crippled my neck and back and probably did nothing for my already slouchy posture after having Jorgie.

When we eventually headed home Charlie was tired and in a foul mood and Kyle had got home from work so we decided to give him a bath. I thought Kyle could do it and I could get on with tea but it was at that point Charlie decided he then needed me at his side constantly and would keep crying and screaming if I left.

He got in the bath and then kept mithering me to get in too. After batting him off for several minutes I finally caved in when he must have asked me 200 times. I got in the luke warm and shallow bath to him saying “Mummy, I’ve just wee’d”. Ideal. Just what you want as a Saturday night treat. A cold bath filled with urine with a two year old. Pass me the gin.

Meanwhile Jorgie was screaming blue murder and would only stop if I got hold of her. So I now had two of them draped around my arms and legs like spare parts. After Charlie insisting that it must be me who brushes his teeth and puts his Pjs on it was eventually sleep time.

Sunday was a rare treat for me as I was meeting my best friend for afternoon tea at Cloud 23 in the Hilton and a few afternoon drinks. Its weird as you can’t wait for a break from your kids and I couldn’t wait to drop them off at Kyle’s mum and dads but once I was out and had met Jane I began to miss them and we predominately spoke about the kids for most of the day.

After a good few drinks and some reminiscing we headed home and decided to have one last drink at a new bar in Droylsden. We had really gone from one end of the scale to another. Starting on a high in the Hilton and ending up in Droylsden Precinct drinking gin whilst staring at the Willow Wood Hospice Charity shop.

Kyle picked me up and Charlie was excited and kept repeatedly saying “mummy please don’t ever go out and leave me again” whilst Jorgie yet again screamed for all her lungs were worth.

I ended the weekend sat on the toilet feeding Jorgie in my lap as I was dying for a wee after all the drinks and she just wouldn’t stop crying unless I picked her up at which as soon as I did she burst into smiles and giggles. Kyle walked past and shot me a “what the hell are you doing sat on the toilet with the baby?” look to which I replied “needs must” and that finished the weekend nicely.

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